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My name is Michael Francis Mari, and this website contains a variety of resources to help students learn Latin with songs, speech, texts, charts, and quizzes.

A true Latin scholar.

The Kit

Looking for an easy way to study your Latin? The Latin Review Kit is just what you're looking for. It's based on techniques I used with over two thousand scholars at Fordham Prep.


If you need a faster way to review forms, my music videos on YouTube are based on songs in the Latin Review Kit. They have attracted thousands of viewers around the world.


Do you want to test your knowledge of Latin vocabulary, forms, and culture? Our online quizzes are short and sweet. They are aligned with the popular Ecce Romani I textbook and designed to help anyone interested in learning or reviewing the basics of Latin.


Would you like to see handcrafted models of mythical creatures, Roman monuments, Roman artifacts, and the Trojan Horse? The gallery takes you there in the comfort of your chair. Enjoy a magic carpet ride through classical antiquity prepared by students of the space age!


Michael Francis Mari holds a BA in Classical Philology (Latin and Greek) from New York University and an MA in Latin from Fordham University. He has taught a variety of subjects (Latin, Italian, English, and Greek) at different levels (middle school, high school, and adult education) in New York, New Jersey, and Italy.

This website is programmed by James Faville, a current undergraduate student at Haverford College, graduate of Bronxville High School, and Classics enthusiast.

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